Nikkei Veterans Honor Roll

World War II Honor Roll (KIA)

Remembering Those Who Could Not Come Home

Americans today live a better life because of the sacrifices endured by our military. Despite the blatant animosity here in the United States against resident Japanese and Japanese Americans during the World War II era, many Japanese resident aliens and Americans of Japanese ancestry gave their lives valiantly while serving in the American armed forces in European theaters of operation.

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 Last NameFirst NameSerial NumberHome TownCamp NameStatus
Details...EATONKenneth ElvinO-1289709OR Penn Y
Details...EBATATetsu TedO-1702992HI Koloa Kauai30100058Y
Details...EJIWilliam Kazuhiko37084755MO Lancaster Y
Details...EKIGeorge30102259HI Honolulu Y
Details...ENDOHiroo H.39918361CA DowneyPoston AZY
Details...ENDORobert Tsuyoshi39913872WA SeattleMinidoka IDY
Details...ENDOMasaharu30104232HI Honolulu Y
Details...ENOMOTOKiyozo30100403HI Aiea Y
Details...ENOMOTOKaname30104538HI Waipahu Y
Details...ENSMINGERRalph BurnellO-406093HI Honolulu Y
Details...ETHRIDGEHarold CouncelO-1300302AL Uniontown Y