Nikkei Veterans Honor Roll

Become a Living Legacy

Sharing memories and experiences build our community’s history. Today, Japanese Americans participate in every socio-cultural aspect of American life. Nikkei veterans from World War II, the Korean War, Vietnam and on into more recent wars, have paid with their lives to promote our community’s place in American culture. Soldiers who are killed-in-action (KIA) deserve our ongoing respect and, in the least, our gratitude for their sacrifices. To honor their sacrifices we remember them and recognize their contributions to our community. Their sense of national duty and honor strengthens our integration into the American mainstream while exemplifying our heritage.

"Become a Living Legacy" is a program geared toward creating ongoing funding that will help our organization create educational resources that memorialize our community’s KIA soldiers. For example, the information in our Echoes of Silence CDs is often requested by educators and researchers. Our organization cannot do this without your generous support. If the history of the Japanese American community in America’s history is important to you, we implore you to contribute in supporting our mission. JA Living Legacy is a California non-profit (501.c3) organization. Thank you.

Adopter First Name Adopter Last Name KIA First Name KIA Last Name War Campaign
Susan Uyemura Clifford Okinaga KW
Russell Shoho Horace Tabusa KW